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Clinical Blood Annalysys

We have the collaboration of the SYNLAB Group Leading Laboratory of Clinical Analysis

Our Medical Center El Campanario collaborates with the SYNLAB Group Clinical Analysis Laboratory, leader in the clinical analysis sector. We have a physical extraction point in our clinic. The professionalism and experience of our collaborators guarantee the accuracy of the results, the state of the samples throughout the process and make the latest technologies available to our patients.

El Campanario Medical Center offers a wide range of Clinical Tests and Tests that meet the needs that our patients at the Calahonda site demand: clinical blood tests, clinical urine tests, clinical stool tests, pregnancy tests, etc. We have a team of health professionals who will advise you on the type of analytics that your state of health requires, as well as the behavior to be followed after obtaining the results of the clinical analyzes.

Clinical analisys laboratory

Our health professionals can guide you in relation to the types of exams you require and the post-analysis procedures. At the El Campanario de Calahonda Clinic we carry out clinical exams and analyzes of:

Biochemistry - Coagulation - Microbiology - Tumor markers - Immunology - Allergies - Toxicology

Pathological anatomy

Diagn籀stico y estudio de c矇lulas y tejidos tales como biopsias, citolog穩as, etc

Clinical Biochemistry


Paternity Studies

Paternity study to determine the relationship of affiliation between two people


Dia獺nostico and prevention of blood diseases


Disease study

Preventive clinical tests can help detect a disease early, prevent its progression and provide adequate treatment.

The most demanded tests


The new generation of non-invasive prenatal test


Genetic test for the study of carriers by NGS

Intolerancia Alimentaria: A200

Analysis of food intolerances


Advanced Nutrigenetic Analysis


Genetic evaluation of predisposition to Alzheimer's disease


Hereditary predisposition to breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer

Frequent questions

We answer your questions if you need a Clinical Analysis

Appointment required. We have the service of blood collection and / or contribution of samples from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., you must go on an empty stomach and in the case of special tests it is recommended to call before to advise you in high school .

If you can receive the results of clinical analysis by mail provided you have successfully completed the Organic Law on data protection in our center.

The results normally in 48 hours are ready, unless there are special tests that require more study time. However, in cases of emergency there is evidence that on the same day we can have the results

Each test has its price, for this reason the total price of the analytical in each case is different and will depend on the tests indicated by the doctor.

A routine medical check-up includes biological and analytical studies, which can be done in our medical center with total safety accompanied by health experts

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Clinical Analyses - Blood Collection - Sample Delivery