Dermatology in Calahonda Mijas

Each patient is unique, and therefore requires personalized attention.
Dra. Adrienn Eva Hajnal

Dermatology Service

Clínica El Campanario makes available to our patients the Medical-Surgical Dermatology and Venereology service. Our specialists can help you in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of any pathology that occurs in the skin, hair, nails, mucous membranes or dermopapillary on an outpatient basis.

In our center you can be diagnosed or treated surgically for all types of cutaneous-mucosal or sexually transmitted lesions, as well as having the latest dermatocosmetic treatments, for which you will receive advice from our specialists.

Do you want to have healthy skin? Nowadays there are many people who take care of skin care. And it cannot be denied that we dream of having it perfect. Just imagine having a smooth skin, without acne, spots, or dryness and also, having a reliable place where we can go to treat us is essential.

That is why and more we have at your disposal the El Campanario Medical Center with experts in the area of ​​Dermatology in Calahonda – Mijas

Dermatology Area

Pediatric Dermatology Consultation

Consult tumor lesions

Consultation, study and follow-up by dermatoscopy of tumor lesions such as: nevus or moles (benign pigmented) and melanoma (malignant)

Skin infections

Contact or irritating eczema and bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections.

Autoimmune diseases

Acne, rosacea, hives

and allergic skin reactions

Seborrheic dermatitis

and atopic dermatitis

Sexually transmitted diseases

Condilomas (genital and anal warts), blenorrhagia, herpes, syphilis, nonspecific urethritis, HIV-AIDS

Dermatocosmetic Treatment

Peeling hidratante con ácido láctico

Peeling iluminador con vitamina C

Remove acne and spots with dermatocosmetic treatments

The beauty and health of the skin are also not beyond the reach of this dermatological center. Problems such as acne and blemishes are very common in people.

So, the best way to deal with that is through a specialized treatment for skin type , since each patient is unique.

In the El Campanario de Calahonda Medical Center there is the possibility of treating and permanently eliminating those undesirable muds so annoying in the skin.

Just imagine being able to appreciate the skin on the back, feel it smooth and soft to the touch. Our treatments can give that texture that you have wanted so much over the years.

In addition, our Dermatology specialists are trained to offer the best vitamins and thus keep skin healthy and hydrated . What becomes a great possibility to counteract the oily and dry skin.

In this sense, it is appropriate to take advantage of the opportunity that the El Campanario Clinic offers us. Therefore, if you ever need an expert and with extensive knowledge in skin care, we are your best option.

dermatology service


80,00 €.-

Consult with our Dermatology Specialist in our medical center El Campanario.

Valid for first consultations as revisions. In the case of a review the doctor will study the evolution of the pathology since the last visit.

The doctor may request additional tests and complementary studies or refer a specialist. These services or inquiries that may arise are not included.

Skin care should not be taken lightly. Contact us!

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dermatology in calahonda