Internal Medicine in Calahonda MIjas

"The Internist must be a doctor with a great clinical eye."
Dr. Nicomedes de la Rosa
Internal Medicine Specialist

Internal Medicine

Clinic El Campanario offers its patients the Internal Medicine consultation. Our internist is prepared to treat any pathology patients may present, no matter how common or rare, simple or complex they may be.
The Internal Medicine is the specialty that integrates all existing medical pathologies in patients from adolescence to old age.

It is the specialty that will help you not only to treat a chronic disease but will allow you to prevent the early onset of diseases, as well as harmonize the behaviors adopted by other specialties, offering a comprehensive view of the patient’s health status.

Our Internist Doctor will always be by your side, accompanying you at all stages of your life.

The internist is dedicated to the comprehensive care of the sick adult patient , in turn focuses on the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of all diseases that affect their organs and internal systems, as well as their respective prevention.

On many occasions, internist doctors are called “doctors of doctors”, since on various occasions, they exercise the role of consultants of other treating doctors, whether attending pathologies and diseases < / strong> and if necessary, refer to a specialist in the area to continue the treatments.

At El Campanario Clinic , we have one of the best doctors internists , Dr. Nicomedes de la Rosa, which has high training and extensive experience, which allows it to not only address chronic diseases, but also prevent the early onset of all types of diseases and harmonize the behaviors adopted by other specialties. All this is done with the idea of ​​offering a comprehensive vision of the patient’s health status.

Internal Medicine Service

In this sense, under the complexity of today’s health systems, the Calahonda Internal Medicine is ready to offer its services during the hospitalization, intensive care and even at home >. So often specialists in the field can be called “family or family doctor.”

Unlike the general medicine , which provides medical services to anyone, regardless of their age range, the Calahonda internists do not have a disease or system specialization of organs, these can treat any adult under all conditions through primary care.

Although the Calahonda Internal Medicine separates the field of action with that of other clinical specialties such as Pediatrics, there are some internist doctors that do take care of other derived areas.

It is important to highlight that the specialty tries to incorporate into the clinical knowledge of the diseases and the treatment of these, everything related to the advances of science. In order to provide unified care, in order to preserve the quality of life of their patients .

At the El Campanario Medical Center , you will be under the care of professionals with years of experience who support a professional career to address your health problems since the first day.

We leave at your disposal our faculty of care and the possibility of conducting comprehensive medical exams for the detection of any pathology . Be sure to book your appointment with our experts in Internal Medicine of Calahonda and enjoy a health and life to the fullest next to your loved ones.


80,00 €.-

Consult with our Internal Medicine Specialist in our medical center El Campanario.

Valid for first consultations as revisions. In the case of a review, the doctor will study the evolution of the pathology since the last visit.

The doctor may request additional tests and complementary studies or refer a specialist. These services or inquiries that may arise are not included.

Your well-being and that of your family is our priority at all times. Ask us now!

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Internal Medicine Specialist in Calahonda - Mijas