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"Do not wait for the disease to attack you: a good defense is prevention and regular checkups .."
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Dr. Antonio Miguel Carra
Specialist in Neurology

Sometimes we do not pay attention to our body and symptoms as "simple" as small alterations in speech, uncoordinated movements, imbalance or tingling may indicate that something is not working well. Therefore, our comprehensive health care system also includes the specialty of Neurology , to treat all types of pathologies in our medical center.

Specialist in Neurology

Clínica El Campanario offers our patients the Neurology medical specialty , which includes the study, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of those disorders that affect the central nervous system.

Our neurologist specializes in treating disorders as frequent as headaches or memory losses, but will also be responsible for diagnosing, assessing and treating neurovascular pathologies, highlighting stroke, neuropathic-chronic pain, among which the Trigeminal neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy pain and neuralgia per phantom limb, and neuroimmunity abnormalities, especially multiple sclerosis.


When we do not have a preventive and continuous care of our body, we can start presenting symptoms that initially may seem unimportant, but over time, they can become a more complex disease that we must abide by in time .

Simple problems such as speech disturbances, imbalance, motor uncoordination, tingling, continuous and frequent headaches can be some signs of a much more serious illness . Therefore, in our Clinic El Campanario we offer a comprehensive service of neurology in Calahonda, where all kinds of pathologies related to the nervous system are addressed.

Neurology, is the specialty of medicine dedicated to the study of the anatomy, functioning and optimal development of the central nervous system , system responsible for all the functioning of our body, from brain gel, spinal cord , peripheral nerves and musculature, which make normal functioning possible of our body.

Through the special attention of a specialist in neurology , you can know your neurological status and detect various pathologies related to the central nervous system.

Diseases such as epilepsy, headaches, problems related to memory losses, neurovascular diseases, such as stroke, as well as neuropathic-chronic pain located in the trigeminal nerve responsible for bringing the sensitivity of touch and pain from the face to the brain are some of the diagnoses that can be treated at the El Campanario Clinic .

In addition, diabetic neuropathy pain , phantom limb neuralgia, and neuroimmunity abnormalities, especially multiple sclerosis can be addressed with professional help in our facility.

And if that were not enough, you can receive from the neurology specialist Calahonda, a relevant orientation if you have a family member with neurological conditions to < strong> provide you with better care and relevant care .

With an appropriate examination it is possible to detect any type of pathologies related to the central nervous system, for preventive care, diagnosis and treatment adapted to the needs of each patient.

What does the team of specialists in neurology of Calahonda offer you?

We offer a complete service in the area of ​​neurology, from diagnosis, treatment to rehabilitation of patients with central nervous system disorders . In addition to A set of clinical tests and exams that will help you have a better diagnosis of your team of professional health experts will help and advise you according to your requirements.

At El Campanario Clinic , you can feel confident that you will have appropriate and appropriate treatment in relation to your health, guidance, analysis, diagnosis and treatment of any type of disease related to the central nervous system and body muscles.

Neurological Consultation


150,00 €.-

Check with our Neurology Specialist Doctor at our El Campanario medical center.

Valid for first consultations as revisions. In the case of a review, the doctor will study the evolution of the pathology since the last visit.

The doctor may request additional tests and complementary studies or refer a specialist. These services or inquiries that may arise are not included.

Do not leave your health for later, a small symptom can be a sign of a much more serious condition that can affect your health. ” Request an appointment!

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