"In homeopathy we treat the person as a whole, body and mind in the disease, we help the healing unit itself naturally, safely, quickly and delicately"
Dr.Robert Tadeusz Zawislak Zarzycki
Médico HOMEÓPATA en Calahonda Mijas
At the El Campanario Medical Center , we have our Homeopathy specialist, who stands out for his personalized attention to each patient according to his needs. Starting from the premise that each individual has an individual homeostasis, cognitive, psychic, emotional characteristics and a specific diagnostic process, our professional in the area puts at your disposal individual and effective treatments according to the disease or suffering and thus guarantee the well-being and good health of the patient.

How is a diagnosis made with a homeopathic doctor?

Through a doctor-treating relationship, our specialist in homeopathy in Calahonda studies the symptoms and signs presented in the disease and all these data obtained through interviews and medical examinations are gathered to determine the appropriate treatment.

Once the disease is diagnosed, homeopathic remedies are applied from medical repertoires where factors such as the set of symptoms of a patient, evaluations of their physical and psychological system or their medical and life history are taken into account.

Thereafter micro-dosed natural substances are applied, derived from different sources: minerals, vegetables or animals in order to reduce and eliminate the ailments and mitigate the adverse effects produced by traditional treatments with processed drugs.

Homeopathy Area

Although homeopathic treatments are very effective, there are some limitations that patients must take into account, you cannot treat diseases such as psychosis or organic diseases with irreversible changes in tissues. For example, in case of an accident that has caused irreversible injuries.

However, in cases of suffering such as fatigue or extreme physical weakness is an excellent option.

Therefore, at El Campanario Clinic we are convinced that our homeopathy specialist can guide you in relation to the type of treatment you need according to your needs and sufferings

Diseases that can be treated successfully with homeopathy:

Conditions treated by our homeopath in our Calahonda Clinic:

  • headaches and migraines
  • viral, bacterial and allergic respiratory diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, varicose veins
  • ulcers, colitis, diarrhea, constipation, etc.
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • gynecological disorders
    dysmenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, menstrual disorders, menopause
  • cystitis, acute and chronic, prostate and urological problems
  • dermatological disorders such as allergies, eczema, hives, acne, repeat boils, herpes, psoriasis, warts
  • Eye problems
  • anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia;
  • lack of energy and fatigue, anemia

These diseases cannot be treated with homeopathy:

  • genetic diseases;
  • Neoplastic processes (tumors or any type of cancer);
  • surgical operations;
  • deficiency diseases


70,00 €.-

Check with our Homeopath in our medical center El Campanario.

Valid for first consultations as revisions. In the case of a review, the doctor will study the evolution of the pathology since the last visit.

Our Homeopath could request additional tests and complementary studies or refer a specialist. These services or inquiries that may arise are not included.

Do not think twice and consult with our professional doctors, we assure you specialized and individual quality care

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