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Pediatrician Service in Calahonda Mijas

The Pediatrics is the branch of the medicine that specializes in the health and diseases of children. It is a medical specialty that focuses on patients from the moment from birth to adolescence.

The pediatrician exerts a decisive influence on his patients and their families being a primary reference to face several pathologies and pisco-emotional disorders that involve the child and / or the adolescent in the most delicate stages of their growth.
For this reason the pediatrician will help his patients and their families considering various variables of the environment in which they live and with which they have to relate.

Childhood and adolescence are periods of human growth in which the child learns about the world and experiences a series of experiences that will form his character and his life as an adult in all areas. In this sense, the pediatrician’s function goes beyond the physical health of the child.

Our pediatric team in Calahonda knows that the main concern of parents is the well-being of their children, therefore, they always have the willingness to help their patients answer questions about the growth of their children, from their physical appearance, even your emotional and psychological well-being.

There is no manual to be parents, but by the hand of a pediatric specialist, various diseases that can affect the health of the child can be foreseen, from the moment of birth until adolescence, a stage full of changes, growth and uncertainty where the child experiences biological, physiological, social, psychological and emotional development.

In this sense, the influence that the pediatrician exerts on the life of his patients is decisive, therefore, it is important to have a specialist who can respond to the needs of each family when facing various pathologies, psychological and emotional disorders typical of childhood and adolescence. Starting from prevention to the treatment of chronic and acute clinical diseases.

Our team of professionals in the pediatric area of ​​our medical center in Calahonda understands that each family is different and adapts to various variables related to the environment of the child or adolescent to provide timely care.

Why go to a pediatric specialist?

The specialist in pediatrics of our Clinic in Calahonda is prepared to face preventive care procedures , of diagnoses, such as the placement of vaccines, pediatric control, integral and continuous care of the child , as well as the possibility of providing guidance to the family about healthy habits for the child in the growth process.

Likewise, it addresses the medical assistance in cases of illness , allergy control and age-related pathologies. You can also guide in relation to other specialties and work together in case of chronic and acute diseases that lead to other fields of medicine, therapeutic care, rehabilitation and family, school and social reintegration.

The child’s health is the priority of parents and specialists in pediatrics of the El Campanario Clinic in Calahonda know it!

That is why they are more concerned with providing complete care and oriented to the needs of each of their patients and family members.

Faced with the doubts and concerns of parents, especially those who have no experience, they can find a friendly hand in the medical team of pediatric specialists of Calahonda that will provide security and help in the process of growing your children.

Likewise, you can count on comprehensive care in the area that requires it, from physical health to psychological and emotional health.

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Pediatrician Consultation


80,00 €.-

Check with our Pediatrician specialist at our El Campanario medical center.

Valid for first consultations as revisions. In the case of a review, the doctor will study the evolution of the pathology since the last visit.

The doctor may request additional tests and complementary studies or refer a specialist. These services or inquiries that may arise are not included.

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