Digital Radiology in Calahonda MIjas

"The Radiology Service, a key unit for the diagnosis of our patients"
Dra. Evelyn Jardym Da silva

Digital Radiology is a medical technique used to obtain radiological images in digital format without having a film support.

For years this type of diagnostic technique has taken great relevance thanks to the benefits it brings compared to conventional radiology, becoming the major technological advance in an imaging system for medical use.

In the El Campanario Clinic we offer you advanced digital radiology technology to detect multiple diseases or pathological alterations of the organism.

Also, you can obtain your results quickly, accurately, painlessly and non-invasively with attention and advice from our radiologists specialists in the field , without the need to move to another alternative center.


X-Rays Radiology Room

In El Campanario clinic we have an advanced Digital Radiology room that allows us to approach a multitude of radiological tests with the highest precision and guarantee in the diagnosis of our patients. We invest in technology, we invest in Health.

Radiodiagnosis Unit

At Clínica El Campanario we put at your disposal the main radiological tests demanded by medical specialists for the diagnosis of your disease or pathology, all in a single center that will allow us to evaluate your pathology in a much more practice and quickly avoiding a trip to alternative radiology centers.

  • Skull Baboes X-Ray
  • Own Bones X-Ray
  • Mandible X-Ray
  • Abdominal X-Ray
  • Cervical X-Ray
  • Column Complete X-Ray
  • Dorsal Column X-Ray
  • Costillas X-Ray
  • Sternal X-Ray
  • Pelvis X-Ray
  • Torax X-Ray
  • Arm X-Ray
  • Hip X-Ray
  • Elbow X-Ray
  • Shoulder X-Ray
  • Leg X-Ray
  • Knee X-Ray
  • Ankle X-Ray

Do you need an X-ray?

Be sure to check with our medical specialists at our Calahonda Mijas Clinic

Appointment X-Ray