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The smile of thanks from our patients is the real incentive that makes me continue in this profession every day
Laura Tellez Calvente.

Nursing Services

In our medical center El Campanario, we offer you the clinical Nursing service, through which you can receive specialized and adequate health care at all times, always taking into account the biopsychosocial sphere of our patients.

Nuestra enfermera presta cuidados a personas de todas las edades, familias, grupos y comunidades, tanto enfermos como sanos, incluyendo también la promoción de la salud y la prevención de la enfermedad, siempre procurando un trato lo más humano y cercano posible y teniendo presente que, muchas veces, una sonrisa o una buena palabra hace más efecto que cualquier tratamiento.

In relation to the medical care of patients, the first step refers to preventive medicine, where procedures are performed to prevent the onset of diseases, such as medical check-ups and clinical tests.

Subsequently, clinical treatment and rehabilitation in case of illness are addressed. These 3 pillars are included in the work of professionals who offer nursing services in Calahonda, who take care of most of the care directly or indirectly of the population.

Nursing services in Calahonda have evolved over time, so much so that today a large part of the nurses’ functions carry high levels of complexity and responsibility.

In El Campanario Medical Center we are aware that there is a high demand for nursing services, therefore in our clinic, we offer a wide service for the treatment of various pathologies with a high-tech equipment to provide the best patient care.

What nursing services can I request in Calahonda?

We serve all the public before outpatient, hospital and medical emergencies, we guide you in relation to your health and better treatment in case of illness, with us you can obtain services in:

Clinical analysis

Sampling of all types for clinical analysis

Cures and wound treatment

Ulcers, burns and other alterations of loss of continuity solution.


Administration of medication by different routes.


Echocardiogram performance.

Ear washes

Ear washes for earwax removal

Emergency Sutures

Urgency Sutures

Wound treatment

Treatment of post-surgical wounds, as well as removal of stitches.

Diabetic control

Diabetic outpatient control.

Tension socket

Power take-off, both on time and as part of the monitoring of your HTA

Why choose a nursing service in Calahonda?


With regard to the work of the nursing service, it is proven that these professionals require a high level of responsibility since they must attend directly to users 24 hours a day, every day of the year and respond to be able to provide care quality.

Therefore, we are your best option, since the main tasks of the nurses of the El Campanario Medical Center are planning, direction, evaluation, diagnosis and care in case of medical consultations and emergencies, which ensures a stronger basis for success. of each of the planned activities.

Thus, as professionals in the area of ​​nursing Calahonda we offer you the clinical Nursing service, where you can receive specialized care as required, taking into account your needs. We serve people of all ages, individually, family, group and even in communities of healthy and sick patients.



32,00 €.-

Check with our Nursing / Cures / Electrocardiograms Service at our El Campanario medical center.

Valid for first consultations as revisions. In the case of a review the doctor will study the evolution of the pathology since the last visit.

The doctor may request additional tests and complementary studies or refer a specialist. These services or inquiries that may arise are not included.

Our Medical Center in Calahonda is a guarantee of a high quality medical service and your doubts will be resolved promptly and professionally. Request an appointment!

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